Mounting the wall hung WC and Bidet 2:14

Flushing Test 1:15

Mounting the seat cover 2:14

Shower tray installation 2:26


AXA – A-sound 1:00

AXA – Passion for Ceramic 2:31

AXA – Dance with us 1:00

AXA – Earth day 1:00

AXA – New Colors 0:53


Vis 1:00

VIS, desire. The desire of a creation process that is not a human, but a natural one. Desire of a matter that, while taking shape, also gets a soul.

Delano 1:00

A modern accent to the classic romantic past.

Legacy 1:00

A modern accent to the classic romantic past.

Skyland 1:19

Concentric circles or subtracted from the square, lightness of ceramic opposed to the solidity of the matter, metal structures that support the entire system.

EVA 1:11

Elegant. Vain. Attractive. Three words to define EVA collection’s personality. Essential and modern design follows the design innovation, to propose the most contemporary aesthetic and functional choice, available wall hung and back to wall. With EVA the bathroom finds a new, precious hero.

Cosa 0:55

An indefinite and comprehensive word identifies a collection with a precise personality, combination of rectangular shape and rounded corners.

Cosa H.35 1:04

Different dimensions for a new version H.35 endowed with ability to furnish and a strong material effect.

Radici 0:51

Solidity of ceramic is enhanced by lines and soft geometries. The splashback recalls the past and looks to the future.

Decus 1:11

Decus = Decoration. A band running along the edge of the sink emphasizes its thin thickness and the soft and deep bowl.

Mate 0:54

Total essential aesthetic. Counter-top basins combined with linear and functional furnitures.

DP 1:08

Origin and not just originality. A name, Divine Proportion, acronym DP, which represents a tribute to proportional harmony and design knowledge.

Kracklite semifreestanding 1:01

Furnishing solutions play the space by enhancing the purity of ceramic.

White jam 0:53

A perfect balance of lines reinterprets the square shape in a contemporary key, symbol and expression of style ed elegance

Wild 0:59

Shapes and designs that find inspiration in the lines of nature and bring into the bathroom objects we recognize as familiar to sight and heart.

Glomp 0:52

Fresh shapes with a simple and harmonious style.

Contea 1:24

The past imposes itself strongly on our present, without losing its glamour and ability of fitting into the most contemporary environments.

Avani 0:33

The essence of linearity and practicality.