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Set up by passion for its work in 1995, AXA is an authentic family business focused on values of ethics, environmental sustainability and the typical Italian artisanship, always looking for solutions able to meet the needs of contemporary living, which has transformed the bathroom from a service space to an authentic place to live.

From a thought comes the idea, invariably full of originality and tradition, which appears into an object and becomes design when it exceeds the time limits to reveal itself with timeless elegance. Expert hands and consolidated technologies combine soil, water, air and fire in a complex process that, with sensitivity for shape and desire for innovation, is fully satisfied only with the creation of unique products.

The five souls of Colavene Spa

AXA is proudly a part of the Colavene Spa world, which covers the entire range of bathroom furnishings. In addition to AXA’s high-quality ceramic sanitary ware, you can find Colavene furniture and sinks, Colacril bathtubs, Tamanaco multifunctional shower enclosures, and the new, elegant LaBlù faucets.
Five different souls within one family, all sharing the same goal: to create a bathroom ambiance that is precious, functional, and beautiful to live in.

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